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Planning and Producing a Photo Shoot that Delivers: Part 2 - banner

Here’s a little secret: Not every photographer is great at every style and category.

Find the photographer whose work best reflects what your audience wants. This doesn’t mean only researching photographers who shoot college campuses; also consider photogs for big brands and fashion labels if their work matches the vibe you’re seeking. If you sell your mission, show photographers the value of partnering with your institution and negotiate well, these highly experienced photogs are not out of your reach.

But before you launch into finding the right photographer, be sure to read part 1 of this white paper to start mapping out your photo plan. It covers steps 1-4, including defining your goals, creating a content strategy and assembling the photo team.

You should also have a clearly defined brand style. Your photo style(s) is as much a component of your brand as your color palette, brand attributes, key messages and graphic devices, and should align with those other key brand components. So you shouldn’t be reinventing your photo style with every shoot.

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