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5 clever hacks to avoid interview roadkill

We all want to tell great stories. We want to illuminate surprising details, put the reader in the interviewer’s chair and surface quotes that perfectly capture a person’s experience and quirk. But when you read a great profile, you don’t usually think about the...

10 surefire inspirations to liven up your content

You’ve written or designed the same brochure or email for the umpteenth time. Now your boss says let’s add yet another version. In your panic, where do you find the fresh thinking — and inner strength — to tackle umpteenth +1? We asked a collection of higher ed...
10 ways to give your tired old profile new life

10 ways to give your tired old profile new life

What makes a profile truly riveting? How do you get readers to say, “Wow, I want to know that person or I want to have that kind of experience”? By writing for your audience — and finding a creative format to match. Publications like The New Yorker write for readers...

Kickstart your learning for the new year

Let 2018 be the year that we all get smarter about marketing our institutions. One quick way: Commit to a conference. Look for a conference or webinar that’s strongly tied to your day-to-day job and will equip you to work smarter right away. Then choose another...

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