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Approach The Throne: Convince Your President - banner

Your president sees your name on the calendar and groans: The marketing head is coming to ask for money again. You already know that what you do generates value for the university and that putting resources toward marketing and strategic communications is an investment in the institution’s future — but how do you convince the president?

Zehno has many years of experience getting presidents on board, and we sat down to compare notes with two experts, Paige Booth, former vice president for marketing and enrollment management at St. Edward’s University, and Rebecca Anderson, vice president for strategy and human resources at Queens University. Paige came to St. Edward’s from advertising, bank marketing and technology marketing at IBM. Rebecca came to higher ed from journalism and corporate PR, having worked for both Disney and LendingTree. The results of that conversation are the nine keys to the kingdom you need when you approach the throne.

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