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Shane Shanks


CASE Institute on Branding, Denver

April 24 - 26, 2013   //   Shane Shanks

Finding Your Voice: Developing a Strategic Sub-brand to Bring Your Academic Experience to Life

Is your campus tongue-tied when it comes to talking about the student experience? Come discover how a strategic sub-brand can give your program its voice. This session will include tips on how to communicate your school’s learning experiences in a meaningful way, how to develop a content strategy that gives your marketing messages impact, and how to evaluate whether a sub-brand is the right move for you. We’ll examine sub-brand campaigns with varying strategies and walk you through the key considerations — from audience segmentation to necessary budgets.

New Best Practices in Online Marketing and Integration

Websites remain the top first-contact information tool in our portfolios, yet many of us spend more time developing cool new apps than on enhancing our own sites. Or we fixate on a splashy ad campaign that drives people to a ho-hum website. What are the “new” best practices in web marketing? How have others integrated their web strategy with their traditional and social media plans? What is the “sweet spot” for a website and a magazine? What admissions campaigns have an online wow factor? What lessons should higher ed learn from the corporate world? Case studies on those who are excelling will help inspire all of us to tweak our sites and align our resources.

Off-the-charts Creative in a Controlled (or Somewhat Controlled) Environment

Sometimes it feels like we have too many tasks and too few people. So we can end up in a production environment where it is easier to check the box and get a publication or a website out than it is to be strategic and highly creative. How do you restore brainstorming and a little play into your planning activities without finding yourself surrounded by out-of-control romping? In this session, we will explore best practices and maybe even try a few interesting exercises designed to jolt us out of the mundane and spur excellent thinking.

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