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Shane Shanks


CASE Editors Forum, Minneapolis

February 20 - March 22, 2013   //   Shane Shanks

Editorial and Design CPR for Magazines preconference workshop

When your magazine is flatlining, everyone knows it. The content is lifeless, the design is ho-hum, and readers respond with a giant yawn. So how can you bring your publication back to life? This hands-on, workshop-style crash course will show you how to recharge your creative team. Using examples from your own magazines, you’ll learn strategies for rethinking spreads that aren’t working, for collaborating with designers at every stage of the process, and for contributing design ideas even if you’re a writer by training. We’ll break into groups to work on a mock editorial design project, and you’ll leave with new insights on choosing the best format to tell a story and with a list of ideas to rip off immediately.

Custom-Fit Redesigns: New Models for Reimagining Your Magazine without Breaking the Bank

You’re ready to redesign your magazine, so how can you bring in fresh thinking? In the traditional model, schools with big budgets turned the redesign over to consultants, while schools with no budgets handled it themselves. But now there are new customized models that maximize internal and outside expertise without breaking the bank. This session spotlights two case studies: At the Iowa State University Foundation, the staff brought in outside experts to clarify strategy, reshape content and build new templates, but managed future issues internally. At the University of South Carolina, consultants worked as extensions of the in-house team to sharpen goals, rethink the editorial mix and develop the design mood. Then the reenergized internal staff rolled out the final product.

Guest speakers:

Chris Horn, director, university magazine group, University of South Carolina
Jodi O’Donnell, director of development communications, Iowa State University

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