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Shane Shanks


CASE Editors Forum, Seattle

March 21 - 23, 2018   //   Shane Shanks

At the CASE Editors Forum, Zehno’s Senior Strategist and Editorial Director Shane Shanks will show you how to make editorial strategy the centerpiece of your mag redesign and how to give your mag content life well beyond the printed book.

Here are the sessions you don’t want to miss in Seattle!

Preconference workshop

March 21

How to make editorial strategy the centerpiece of your next redesign

If your next redesign focuses mostly on looks, you’re missing the point. Content, and the strategy driving it, matters most.

Shane Shanks and Sherri Kimmel, editor of Bucknell Magazine, have guided 20+ successful magazine redesigns—including recent ones for Swarthmore and Bucknell. They’ll share how to shake up your editorial strategy for maximum impact. Learn new ways to:

  • Listen to your readers—whether they’re bookish or jockish.
  • Align story selection with university goals—to finally get credit for your brilliance.
  • Create new story types to reach readers—and build a personality.
  • Match your voice to your school’s culture—whether it’s conservative or nerdy.

This is a special three-hour workshop before the conference, so be sure to sign up when you register for the conference.

Conference session

March 22

Ditch Your Magazine Website: A New Model for Magazines

At St. Edward’s University, there isn’t a dedicated magazine website. The school’s digital-savvy strategy means some features debut on the university homepage, while others launch in print.

In this presentation, Shane Shanks and Frannie Schneider, editor of St. Edward’s University Magazine, will discuss how magazine editors are uniquely positioned to help their universities build an effective content strategy that extends well beyond the magazine. You’ll learn best practices for structuring a team to think content first, resurfacing content far outside the magazine, and building a redesign with multiple platforms in mind.

See Zehno redesigns in the samples room

Check out our hot-off-the-presses redesigns for Bucknell, St. Edward’s University and Washington & Lee. Also look for recent redesigns for Bryn Mawr, Auburn and Tulane School of Medicine.

And save some space in your suitcase to get all your favorite samples home.

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