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Shane Shanks


CASE Editors Forum, Baltimore

June 29 - 30, 2020   //   Shane Shanks

CASE Editors Forum, originally scheduled for April 1-3, 2020, has been rescheduled as an online conference on June 29-30, 2020, with an amended lineup.

Unfortunately, Shane Shanks and Sherri Kimmel’s pre-conference workshop along with our clients’ sessions have been canceled.

Here’s something for you to check out: Super Strategic Magazine Makeovers. This webinar shows you how to bring your magazine content strategy in line with where your institution is heading.

Don’t miss Zehno’s Senior Strategist and Editorial Director Shane Shanks in a preconference workshop at CASE Editors Forum. He and Sherri Kimmel, editor of Bucknell Magazine, will show you how to take your magazine beyond just eye-catching — and align your content strategy with university goals and what readers want.

This three-hour session requires a special registration, so reserve your spot early. Last time we offered it, the session sold out.

Other don’t-miss sessions

Also be sure to hit these sessions by our clients:

  • Jessica Murphy Moo’s conference session on redesigning Portland Magazine. Zehno worked with Jessica to update one of the best-known magazines in higher ed. The result preserves the classic style and literary content beloved by readers, while making room for new voices.
  • Lynn Gosnell’s roundtable on amping up campus-culture content. Zehno worked with the Rice University team to elevate the school’s unconventional thinking and groundbreaking research. The result: Nerd-tastic never looked so good!

Preconference workshop

April 1
Make editorial strategy the centerpiece of your next redesign

If your next redesign focuses mostly on looks, you’re missing the point. Content, and the strategy driving it, matters most. Presenters behind 25+ redesigns — including for Swarthmore and Bucknell — share how to shake up your editorial strategy for maximum impact.

Learn to:

  • listen to your readers — whether they’re bookish or jockish (or both)
  • align story selection with university goals — to finally get credit for your brilliance
  • create new story types to reach readers — and build a personality and
  • match your voice to your school’s culture — whether it’s conservative or nerdy.

Come learn why Bucknell Magazine just swept the CASE District II awards: golds for Best Magazine and Staff Writing. And it’s a district finalist for the Best Article platinum award in the international CASE Circle of Excellence contest.


Sherri Kimmel, Editor of Bucknell Magazine, Bucknell University
Shane Shanks, Senior Strategist and Editorial Director, Zehno

Conference session

April 2
Redesigning in big shoes

Unless you are a founding editor, you have a predecessor. A different editor with a different voice and a different aesthetic shaped the publication before you got there. As the new editor, how do you honor the past and bring your own voice forward, while forging your own connections with your audience?

This session will provide an example of one way to tackle this challenge, by detailing how Portland Magazine editor Jessica Murphy Moo followed the mantra “familiar and new” when charged with redesigning after the death of beloved writer and editor Brian Doyle.


Jessica Murphy Moo, Editor of Portland Magazine and Associate Director of Storytelling, University of Portland

Roundtable session

April 3

Are you planning a redesign or looking for ways to refresh your editorial content? Discuss and share ways to embrace your campus culture via editorial strategy and design. Lynn Gosnell at Rice University leads a roundtable discussion on how to lean into your campus vibe — science-y, quirky, artsy or all business — to engage, challenge and delight your readers. Bring your coffee (and an extra cup for the roundtable leader) to this early morning session!


Lynn Gosnell, Senior Editor, Rice Magazine

See Zehno redesigns in the samples room

Check out our hot-off-the-presses redesigns for Rice University and University of Portland. Also look for recent redesigns for Bucknell, Bryn Mawr, and Tulane School of Medicine.

And save some space in your suitcase to get all your favorite samples home.

Register for the conference.

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