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Wise up

Learn from our experts how to reach your brand’s potential, get your institution noticed and shape how audiences view you.



Magazine redesigns: before and after

See some of our best magazine redesigns over the years, which have won 60+ awards from CASE, UCDA, Educational Advertising Awards and more.

How to afford a digital magazine? Skip an issue

Now more than ever, magazines need a strong digital presence, especially as budgets shrivel. Here’s how you finally pull it off.

Ask the expert: Magazine Editor Lynn Gosnell

Learn tips from Rice Magazine's award-winning editor on how to build a magazine that is brand-aligned, research-focused and visually striking.

Magazine editors: What you should do in a pandemic

Get tips from these college magazine editors across North America on how to navigate the coronavirus pandemic and move your magazine forward.

Ask the expert: Editor Nancy Brokaw

Learn from Nancy Brokaw, editor of Bryn Mawr alumnae bulletin, about what it takes to draw in your readers and truly reflect your one-of-a-kind campus culture with your magazine design.

Ask the experts: TCU Magazine editors

Learn from the experts at Texas Christian University about how to uncover your longtails — stories with no shelf life — and integrate longtail thinking into your story selection strategy.

7 key takeaways: 2019 CASE Editors Forum

If the city’s literary heritage and foodie scene didn’t lure you to New Orleans for CASE Editors Forum, relax. The Zehno crew split up to hit as many sessions as …

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