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For a school that pushes girls to find their voices, the students themselves are the loudest spokespersons.

You can pile on the adjectives to describe an Ellis student — brilliant, nonconformist, well-spoken and driven for starters — yet still not have a clear picture. But when you hear from the girls directly, you’ll understand how they’re changemakers.

The Ellis School’s new admissions-centric campaign with Zehno puts these confident, articulate students front and center. Through video profiles, a microsite explaining the school’s “changemaker” curriculum, and other tools, Ellis is cementing its status as Pittsburgh’s #1 school for girls. 

Who belong


  • Hear from students themselves — as proof of how this school teaches them to step up and use their voices.
  • Bring attention-getting stories and style into a new campaign that amplifies the existing brand.
  • Use video to show — in her own voice — how each girl pursues her passions at Ellis.
  • Present Ellis’ signature academic experience not as a senior capstone, but a constant build-up from the earliest grades.
  • Reshape the prospect email flow so that the school’s differentiators are apparent from the start.


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New digital campaign increased enrollment 25% in first admissions cycle.

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More social engagement

Social content drove up traffic to the website and created more lead conversions, including a 238% increase in social media clicks and 133% increase in website sessions.

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Curriculum clarity

Academic strengths across all grades are tied together into a comprehensive curriculum that is memorable, meaningful and brand-focused.

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Inside 3
Inside 3

What Zehno did

  • Audit and strategic recommendations for campaign.
  • Curriculum messaging.
  • Mood boards.
  • Online visit consulting
  • Flagship content including profiles and photo/video shoot strategy.
  • Admissions campaign: curriculum landing page, videos, email and digital ads.

Tips for your team

  1. Give students the spotlight. Have them tell your school’s story in their own words. Content packages for Ellis’ 30+ students bring personal experiences to life through storytelling, photography and video.
  2. Mix up the visuals. Add illustration to show ideas and concepts that photography struggles to show.
  3. Think like a parent. Show how the curricular approach stretches across the academy, but always equip parents to zoom in on grade-specific info focused on their child.

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