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Some schools offer top academics, but in a pressure cooker atmosphere where students burn out. Some schools have athletics and band, but students need to fit one of those molds.

That’s not the case at Jackson Academy — a K3-12th grade co-ed academy in Jackson, Mississippi — where students can develop all of their talents and be good at more than one thing.

Whether you need more challenge or more academic support — or both — JA combines top-level academics with balance and all-around character development to help students reach their personal peak in and outside the classroom.

The new creative concept “Bright minds. Good hearts.” reinforces these strengths of academic quality, balance, support and building people of character.


Jackson Academy<br />
Bright Minds, Good Hearts


  • Stake the claim that JA is good at both academics and character development.
  • Shift key messages to be about proving personal potential.
  • Show what well-rounded can mean for each student.


Circle Graphic PL

Message Playbook

Developed a new brand message platform that serves as the playbook for all future communications with key audiences, from prospective families to middleschoolers.

Circle Graphic star


JA’s viewbook and brand video earned gold and silver awards, respectively, from Educational Advertising Awards.

Circle Graphic EX

Embraced Bold Approach

JA’s brand rollout built internal buy-in for the new brand with an academywide video launch, internal distribution of message platform, environmental signage, and breakout sessions with school divisions.

Inside 2
Inside 3

What Zehno did

  • Brand audit and strategic recommendations.
  • Brand message platform.
  • Mood boards.
  • Flagship content including profiles, photo shoot and video.
  • Admissions campaign: video and viewbook.
Bright Minds Good Hearts Illustration

Tips for your team

  1. Choose a photography style that conveys your creative concept. JA’s photography style shows people of character through friendships, collaboration and joy.
  2. Make a big splash with your campaign rollout. JA launched “Bright minds. Good hearts.” with faculty convocation at the beginning of school, made the campaign a centerpiece of campus events and held breakout sessions to talk about the campaign with various divisions.
  3. Develop a profile format that builds off your creative concept and can be used again and again. JA’s profiles employ icons that highlight each student’s personal bright mind/good heart components and contain short exchangeable sidebar topics that hit on key messages.

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