The GED Testing Service partnered with Zehno to position the GED as an essential component of the American educational and economic landscape. After completing a communications audit that outlined integrated marketing tactics, Zehno created a new visual identity for the GED Testing Service. The new visual identity connected the GED with its target audiences, by showing test takers as strong, successful individuals moving ahead.


  • Lay the groundwork for improving public perception about the value of the GED credential.
  • Communicate that the GED Testing Service’s original nonprofit mission of serving the test taker community was not diminished by its new joint venture with Pearson, a corporate leader in educational testing.
  • Cast the GED organization as a go-to resource in the field of adult education/literacy for policymakers, media and others.



improved position

By presenting facts about the GED alumni base, which is bigger than any American university’s, repositioned the organization as contemporary, forward thinking and sharp — and its credential as a link to college and careers.


postive feedback

Surveys from the annual conference of state GED test administrators, a key audience, reported perceptions about the new materials and the new organization as “professional, excellent, informative, progressive and uplifting.”

brand building

The GED’s new extensive visual identity program equipped the in-house team with the knowledge to launch the brand across various communications tools.



What Zehno did

  • Audit and strategic recommendations.
  • Campaign: Transitional visual identity program that included new logo, extensive brand guidelines.
  • Created initial projects: Brochure, fact sheets, microsite design and conference materials.

Tips for your team

  1. Use infographics to showcase research and high-level stats that prove your organization’s importance.

  2. Build your brand with dynamic profile photography that tells your student’s success stories.


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