How can you raise millions when potential donors don’t know how much your work matters?

When the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose partnered with Zehno, it had launched a $20 million capital campaign. But the congregation’s lack of visibility had resulted in limited public awareness of the sisters’ contributions to the community and the breadth and reach of their ministries.

To generate support for the new capital campaign and long-term fundraising, Zehno developed branded communications that emphasized the congregation’s relevance, vitality and uniquely Dominican spirit.

We began with a brand audit that first outlined audience perception and how to communicate with each audience segment. Our development of the brand identity produced the concept: Our Joy is Here. “Here” is both literal and metaphoric, conveying geography, inner spirituality and relationships, and encourages audiences to think about more than they see to embrace the big picture.

Based on this concept, Zehno developed a case statement, brochure and campaign messaging; redesigned its magazine; and updated the congregation’s website to reflect the new brand identity.

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